elegant ring

  • $249,00$269,00

    Navy Blue Lotus Ring is a special jewel with deep meanings and symbols for the wearer. The lotus flower is a flower that grows in mud but blooms pure and clean on water. This symbolizes the process of spiritual growth and maturation of the bearer through difficulties and challenging situations. The lotus flower symbolizes the flower’s ability to keep itself clean despite growing in a swamp. The navy blue color emphasizes the depth of this purity and innocence. The lotus is a symbol of tranquility in Asian cultures. The navy blue color is associated with inner peace and serenity, giving the wearer a sense of inner calm and peace. The lotus symbolizes a journey in many spiritual teachings. The Navy Blue Lotus Ring signifies that the wearer is on a spiritual quest for discovery or wisdom. The depth of the navy blue color expresses emotional richness. The ring offers the wearer the opportunity to make deep emotional connections and discover emotional richness.

  • $310,00$330,00

    Filigree Long Onyx Ring a symbol of elegance, power and mystical energy. The long filigree design and the elegance of the onyx stone give the ring a special elegance. It makes an aesthetic statement, emphasizing the style of the wearer. Onyx is a stone believed to promote emotional balance. This ring is intended to help the wearer with emotional balance and inner peace.

  • $410,00$430,00

    Pure Turquoise Sequin Ring is an elegant gemstone that carries deep meanings and special symbolism. Turquoise has been associated with various meanings in different cultures throughout history. This ring creates a story and meaning unique to the wearer. Turquoise is often considered a symbol of peace, abundance and protection. It is also associated with spiritual growth, positive energy and inner balance. The vibrant blue of pure turquoise evokes a sense of calm and serenity in the wearer.