tragus piercing

  • $175,00

    Square Tragus Piercing represents a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The wearer can choose to emphasize their everyday style or fashion. As a geometric shape, the square is associated with balance and order. This piercing may represent order, balance or symmetries in the wearer’s life. It is also considered a strong and stable shape. Through this piercing, the wearer emphasizes their inner strength and determination. A square piercing in the tragus area is preferred to celebrate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the wearer. This piercing symbolizes the wearer’s desire to make a connection between past experiences and future aspirations.

  • $336,00

    Serpentine Helix Tragus is a special piece of jewelry that carries strong symbols and emotional meanings for the wearer. The snake is a symbol of change, transformation and rebirth in many cultures. When wearing Helix Tragus, the wearer represents a personal transformation and change through this symbol. The snake is often considered a protective force in ancient mythologies. The snake figure in the Helix Tragus symbolizes the wearer’s desire for self-protection and finding inner strength. The spiral movement of the snake within the Helix Tragus is associated with the balanced and flowing of energy. This reflects the bearer’s search for inner balance and harmony.

  • $198,00

    Thunder Tragus Piercing is a symbol of courage and confidence in one’s own self. This special piercing expresses the desire to shine boldly like a lightning bolt and to express one’s inner energy. The stony design of the Tragus piercing carries an aesthetic meaning as well as power. Lightning is a powerful and dynamic symbol of nature. Lightning Tragus Piercing with Stones reminds its wearer of the power of nature, the peace before the storm and the cleansing after it. At the same time, it represents the desire to resist the challenges of life and to grow stronger like a storm within oneself.