Lucky Plate Clover Necklace (14K Gold)


The clover necklace symbolizes the deep meanings hidden in nature and the cycle of life. This elegant piece of jewelry reflects a tradition that believes that each of the four leaves of the clover carries a different meaning. The first leaf symbolizes hope, the second faith, the third love and the fourth luck. The integration of each leaf with its own characteristic represents various aspects of a person’s life. The clover necklace carries the message to the wearer to be full of hope despite the ups and downs of life, to keep faith, to be open to love and to trust in luck. This piece of jewelry is a guide to understanding the complexities of life and finding inner strength. The clover necklace also represents unity and solidarity with its four interlocking leaves. This meaning that people are stronger together and support each other. Thus, the clover necklace is not only an aesthetic piece, but also a special symbol that reflects the meaning of life and the value of human relationships with an emotional depth.


Gold setting: 14 karat gold (585k) Stamped and patented
Product weight is 1.40 grams
Measurements of the pendant: Width 2.00cm Width 1.60cm
The chain length in the photo is 45 cm
It is a necklace suitable for daily use
The specified weight may deviate by (+/-) 10%
The product is under the responsibility and assurance of Golden Fusions until the cargo company delivers it to you, our cargo is insured.
The product is not gold plated or gold water, Golden Fusions is a jewelry company that sells only real gold products.
Shipping is free of charge.

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Necklace Size

40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm

Lucky Plate Clover Necklace (14K Gold)

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