Macula Colorful Ring (14K Gold)


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Macula Colorful Ring is a colorful expression for the bearer, a reflection of energy and modern style. Macula colors symbolize vitality, positive energy, and contemporary design. This ring emphasizes self-expression, the adoption of a colorful lifestyle, and an interest in modern aesthetics. The modern design of the ring reflects the wearer’s interest in contemporary aesthetics and modern lifestyle. It shows the wearer’s desire to follow fashion and create their unique style. Each color has an emotional impact. Therefore, the wearer can have an emotional connection with the colors of the ring. Colors help the wearer to express their emotional state and express the emotions they feel. The combination of colors and design makes the ring more than just an accessory, but a special expression of the wearer’s outlook on life, energy, and uniqueness.

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Product setting: 14 settings(585k)
Ring size is 13.
The product is sent with its original certificate.
Gold weight; 1.76 grams.
There may be (+/-) 10% deviation in the specified weight.
The product is under the responsibility and assurance of Golden Fusions until the cargo company delivers it to you, our cargo is insured.
The product is not gold plated or gold water, Golden Fusions is a jewelry company that sells only real gold products.
Shipping is free of charge.

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Macula Colorful Ring (14K Gold)

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