Ottoman Earring

  • $376,00

    Assyrian culture often has rich history and traditions, so this type of earring can reflect one’s interest in or attachment to one’s own cultural context. Also, jewelry is often used to express personal style and aesthetic preferences, so these earrings can express elegance, beauty or personal meaning for the wearer.

  • $426,00

    Pearl Flower Earrings carry a special meaning for the wearer. The brilliance of gold and the details of pearls represent not only aesthetic beauty, but also a cultural context. Gold is associated with durability and value, while pearls are associated with elegance, tenderness and natural beauty. The use of the fan motif is reminiscent of an expanding fan, symbolizing that life is an expanding and enriching experience. These earrings represent special memories, emotional ties or a specific meaning for the wearer. Each piece is used to express one’s emotional richness, like a work of art telling its own story.