Ocean Ring

  • $430,00$450,00

    Pyramid Turquoise Ring associated with higher wisdom and consciousness. The ring can reflect the wearer’s inner quest for enlightenment and deep intellectual exploration. The pyramid represents an upward ascent. The ring therefore expresses the wearer’s desire to ascend spiritually. The pyramid, with its four equal sides, is a symbol of balance and harmony. For the wearer, this ring reflects the desire to maintain balance in their life and find inner harmony. This ring reflects the desire to aim for perfection and reach one’s potential, it is a symbol of reaching the top. The ring offers the wearer a guidance in the search for strength, wisdom, spiritual ascension and balance. It also enhances personal expression through a combination of aesthetics and meaning.

  • $410,00$430,00

    Pure Turquoise Sequin Ring is an elegant gemstone that carries deep meanings and special symbolism. Turquoise has been associated with various meanings in different cultures throughout history. This ring creates a story and meaning unique to the wearer. Turquoise is often considered a symbol of peace, abundance and protection. It is also associated with spiritual growth, positive energy and inner balance. The vibrant blue of pure turquoise evokes a sense of calm and serenity in the wearer.