Size Guide

How To Measure Your Ring Size

Ring Diameter (MM)USA/CanadaUnited KingdomFranceGermanyJapanSwitzerland
14.0 mm.3F441444
14.4 mm.G45¼14½6⅓
14.8 mm.446½157
15.2 mm.47¾15¼88
15.6 mm.54915¾9
16.0 mm.L50¾1610½10¾
16.5 mm.6M51½16½1212¾
16.9 mm.N52¾171314
17.3 mm.7O5417¼1415¼
17.7 mm.P55¼17¾1516½
18.2 mm.8Q56¾181617¾
18.6 mm.5818½1718½
19.0 mm.959¼191820
19.4 mm.60¾19½1921
19.8 mm.1061¾202021¾
20.2 mm.10½62¾20¼2222¾
20.6 mm.1164¼20¾2324
21.0 mm.11½66212425¾
21.4 mm.12Y67¼21¼2527½
21.8 mm.12½Z6821¾2628¾
22.2 mm.13Z + 169222729¼
22.6 mm.13½Z + 1.57122.631

Method 1: Measure a Ring

How To Measure Your Ring Size
  1. Find another ring that feels comfortable on the finger on which you intend to wear your ring.
  2. Measure the inside diameter of the ring using a ruler or measuring tape. Make sure you use a ruler that measures in millimeters (mm). Place your ring on the ruler and measure the inside of the circle, in other words, the part that touches your finger.
  3. Use our Ring Size Chart to make sure your diameter measurement is correct.

Method 2: Measure your Finger

How To Measure Your Ring Size
  1. Use a piece of string or paper about 10 centimeters (cm) long.
  2. Wrap the paper or string around your finger where the ring should be. Pull so that the string fits snugly around your finger. It should be neither too tight nor too loose.
  3. Use a pencil to mark the point where the ends of the string or paper overlap
  4. Fix the string or paper to a ruler or measuring tape and measure the length (mm) from the end to the point marked with a pencil.
  5. This measurement will give you the result of your finger circumference. You can find your size using our Ring Size Chart below.