cultural piercing

  • $83,00

    This special piece of jewelry not only carries the legacy of the past, but also offers its wearer the opportunity to gain strength and resilience against future challenges. The ring symbolizes continuity and unity, while the blue beads are meant to attract positive energy and purify from negativity. In this way, it offers guidance to the wearer on the path to balance in the flow of life and enlightenment through inner strength. The blue bead is a symbol of protection, traditionally believed to ward off bad energies.

  • $336,00

    Serpentine Helix Tragus is a special piece of jewelry that carries strong symbols and emotional meanings for the wearer. The snake is a symbol of change, transformation and rebirth in many cultures. When wearing Helix Tragus, the wearer represents a personal transformation and change through this symbol. The snake is often considered a protective force in ancient mythologies. The snake figure in the Helix Tragus symbolizes the wearer’s desire for self-protection and finding inner strength. The spiral movement of the snake within the Helix Tragus is associated with the balanced and flowing of energy. This reflects the bearer’s search for inner balance and harmony.