Serpentine Helix Tragus (14K Gold)


Serpentine Helix Tragus is a special piece of jewelry that carries strong symbols and emotional meanings for the wearer. The snake is a symbol of change, transformation and rebirth in many cultures. When wearing Helix Tragus, the wearer represents a personal transformation and change through this symbol. The snake is often considered a protective force in ancient mythologies. The snake figure in the Helix Tragus symbolizes the wearer’s desire for self-protection and finding inner strength. The spiral movement of the snake within the Helix Tragus is associated with the balanced and flowing of energy. This reflects the bearer’s search for inner balance and harmony.


Product setting: 14 settings(585k)
The product is sent with its original certificate.
Product weight is 2.37 grams.
Product Length: 4 cm.
There may be (+/-) 10% deviation in the specified weight.
The product is under the responsibility and assurance of Golden Fusions until the cargo company delivers it to you, our cargo is insured.
The product is not gold plated or gold water, Golden Fusions is a jewelry company that sells only real gold products.
Shipping is free of charge.

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Piercing Size

4 cm

Serpentine Helix Tragus (14K Gold)

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