Green Daisy Aleppo Bracelet (14K Gold)


Green Daisy Aleppo Bracelet not only for its elegance, but also for its symbolism. Chamomile and green color are associated with naturalness and simplicity. This bracelet reminds the wearer to appreciate simple beauty, to get away from complexity and to seek inner peace. The daisy is often considered a symbol of rebirth and growth. This bracelet offers the wearer the opportunity to learn from past experiences and move forward on the path of personal growth and maturity.


Gold setting: 14k gold (585k) It has a stamp and patent on it.
The product is sent with its original certificate.
18 cm product weight: 2.80 grams
19 cm: 2.90 grams
20 cm: 3 grams
21 cm: 3.10 grams
22 cm: 3.20 grams
The width of the bracelet chain is 3 mm; the width of the daisy is 1.20 cm and the length is 2 cm with the sequin.
The specified weight may deviate by (+/-) 10%
The product is 100% real patented 14 carat goldThe product is under the responsibility and assurance of Golden Fusions until the cargo company delivers it to you, our cargo is insured.
The product is not gold plated or gold water, Golden Fusions is a jewelry company that sells only real gold products.
Shipping is free of charge.

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18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm, 22 cm

Green Daisy Aleppo Bracelet (14K Gold)

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